Tel Aviv Gig

The show was AMAZING, Paul and his band were BRILLIANT, and the audience were having a great time! What an historic event! Congratulations Israelis!



Paul McCartney Visits Bethlehem

Paul McCartney visits the Nativity Church where Christ was born. He lighted candles, prayed, and wishes peace to all people in the world, and for the Israelis and Palestinians. I think it was a good gesture. I am so delighted that he freely roamed around the area without fear, but of course the security was tight and he knew that he’s safe.


Paul McCartney rocks in Tel-Aviv

Sir Paul McCartney Arrives In Israel Ahead of Historic Concert

Paul McCartney posed for the paparazzi and signed autographs.

Sir Paul arrives in Israel

|Photo| Uriel Sinai|

Paul McCartney plays his first ever concert in Tel Aviv, Israel on the 25th of September.

Paul is playing a gig for the first time in Israel. It is called Friendship First in September 25 and I am counting!

But there were complex and morbid news about death threats to Paul McCartney. He ignores it. I think the extremist are out of their kilter!

How absurd it is? Well, yes, almost all Beatles and Macca fans are scared to death telling thinking about how dangerous for him to play in Israel! They are begging their idol not to go to Israel and don’t do a show for them there!

Back in the 1960’s The Beatles were banned in Israel due to some ultra-orthodox point of views! Now, it is time for him to spread the Friendship First and Peace between the Israelis and Palestinians.

McCartney’s wife Linda Eastman McCartney and children are Jewish and I couldn’t understand the whole concept of the threats.

Bravely he says—“My message is a peaceful one and I hope that the idea will spread.” Sir Paul McCartney.

“Shalom Tel Aviv.”